Hay Hambre en el Bronx – There is hunger in the Bronx

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Dear Editor of Today’s Report:

Very early on the morning of Saturday, May 28, 2016, my friend and colleague at the Dominican American National Roundtable Pastor Alejandro Benjamin, invited me to join him and a group of volunteers to a food pantry at the Beth-El Temple in South Bronx. Upon arriving there, I observed a few dozens of people lining up for food in front of the Temple. Soon, there were over a hundred of all ages, nationalities and race; the majority were from the Dominican Republic.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 4.30.41 AMI had my cellphone and decided to videotape how such a group of volunteers comes together every Saturday morning to feed hungry people in the South Bronx. I had the opportunity to interview Pastor Benjamin, some locals and volunteers, including Mr. Andrew Gribbs, member of the Beth-El Temple: The House of Yahweh. All indicated “there is hunger in the Bronx.” Those who spoke in Spanish corroborated saying “Hay hambre en el Bronx,” meaning, there’s hunger in the Bronx.

I put together this video because I was touched by witnessing the urgent need for food for the needy in the Bronx.

People lining up at 4am in front of a church to get a bag of food by 8am. I was told they do that year round regardless of rain, shine or snow; under hot or cold weather, people always show up to get food. I saw the plight of such poor local residents hoping for any food they could get and afraid they couldn’t get any due to the large amount of people who showed up. The Church and its volunteers do not have enough food for all the needy people who show up on Saturdays.

There is the need for more food to feed the poor in the South Bronx. Should you like to contribute, please donate directly to the Beth-El Temple. Call them at 718-401-0743.

You can also tell your government representatives and business owners you know, there is an urgent need to feed the poor and needy people in the Bronx.

Please do that. Thank you.


Nestor Montilla, Sr.

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